Icelandair Gran Canaria Airport office in Las Palmas Spain

Gran Canaria Airport is an important airport within the Spanish air transport network as it handles a lot of passengers and freight on the island of Gran Canaria. The airport code is LPA. The airport serves multiple Icelandair flights, and there are various facilities and services that the passengers get at the Gran Canaria Airport. If you are traveling with Icelandair and you want to contact the Gran Canaria Airport office, you can easily do so by going through the information below. You will get the best solution to your travel query and have a memorable experience at the airport.

There are many ways to get in touch with the Icelandair Gran Canaria Airport office in Las Palmas

You can call the Icelandair Gran Canaria Airport phone number (+34) 913 211 000 to speak to a representative at the airport. It is the quickest way to contact the airport for assistance.

The airport can be contacted by sending an email to, and you will get a response from a representative in 5-7 days with the solution to your query.

Alternatively, you can choose to visit the Icelandair Gran Canaria Airport office in Las Palmas Spain, at the address given below. 

GC-1 highway. 35230, Gran Canaria/Las Palmas Spain

You can speak to a customer service agent at the airport and get assistance.

What terminal does Icelandair use at Gran Canaria Airport?

As there is only one terminal building at Gran Canaria Airport, Icelandair operates from the same. 

The check-in counters' operational hours depend on scheduled flight departures and may vary.

How many Icelandair arrivals and departures are at Gran Canaria Airport?

There is only one Icelandair arrival and departure at Gran Canaria Airport that is from and to Reykjavik.

How early should you be at Gran Canaria Airport for your flight?

You should be at Gran Canaria Airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departures to get through the airport formalities in a relaxed manner.

What are the facilities and services for Icelandair passengers at Gran Canaria Airport?

The facilities and services for Icelandair passengers at Gran Canaria Airport are listed below.

  • Shops and restaurants: You can shop and dine at the airport as there are many fast food options and stores at the airport.
  • Wi-fi: There is free Wi-fi at the airport for the passenger's convenience. 
  • Medical services: Passengers can avail of medical services at the ground level in the departures hall. It is available 24 hours daily.
  • Lost and found: For lost and found service, you may call the Icelandair Gran Canaria Airport customer service phone number or visit the office on the 2nd floor at departures.
  • ATMs and conference halls: You can access ATMs and hold meetings in the conference halls located at level 2 at Departures.
  • Lounges: Customers can relax and take a breath before a flight at the lounges. You can get Wi-fi, newspapers, food and drinks, assistance from the staff, along with a beautiful view.
  • Hotels: You can book hotels at the airport for your stay. There is a counter in the arrivals hall.
  • Disabled facilities: The airport has all the features for accessibility for people with disabilities, be it wheelchairs, ramps, adapted elevators, or restrooms.
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