How Can I get Assistance from Qatar Airways?

As the name indicates, Qatar Airways is an airline in Qatar. They are offering flights to various airports around the world. Suppose you have reserved a seat on the airline. It may happen you are suffering from a disability. Traveling by airline may be difficult for people dealing with any such problem. Qatar Airways provides special assistance to passengers to make their journey easy. Here you seek to know How I can get assistance from Qatar Airways for the passengers. You can view this article to learn all about getting help from the airline throughout your journey.

How do I get a Wheelchair facility from the airline?

It may happen that you went through an accident, and now you have to travel to someplace. It may be challenging for you to move from one place to another. However, the airline is offering to get a wheelchair facility to ease your journey. You can demand special assistance through a phone call. To get Qatar Airways' special assistance contact number, follow the process below.

  • Visit the official site of Qatar Airways.
  • Click on contact us.
  • You will get the call option. Take your cursor to it and click here.
  • Get various numbers as per the requirements of the passengers. 
  • Click on “for disability-related queries” and pick the number +1-833-607-2675 displayed here.
  • Dial the number in your phone and wait for the pre-recorded voice note to end. 
  • A supervisor from the airline will join you on the call after the voice note.
  • Discuss your concern with the airline and provide them with your booking details. 
  • The Airline will give you a wheelchair when you reach the airport.

How to book a wheelchair online?

Passengers suffering from any disability may need Qatar Airways wheelchair assistance while traveling. They will have to inform the airline for special assistance 48 hours before the scheduled flights. You can go by the below process to add a wheelchair in advance.

  • Head to the official page of Qatar Airways.
  • Now, search for “Manage my Booking” on the page and click on it.
  • You must now fill out the boxes with your PNR number and family name. Click on retrieve booking to get the details of your ticket.
  • Next, select special assistance in the Add Service section.
  • Now, You will see a form to fill out. Complete the form and select wheelchair assistance. 
  • Suppose you want to give any special direction or assistance. Write it in the comment box and submit the form.
  • You may have to pay a fee. However, most airlines do not charge any amount for special assistance.

In what situation can you request special assistance?

Needy passengers can request special assistance from Qatar Airways anytime. The airline is highly dedicated and supports and assists all its passengers. How special assistance can be requested has been discussed above. Use one of these ways to make your travel journey more smooth and comfortable. You can request special assistance from the airline in the following cases. 

  • Disability and medical assistance (Mobility assistance). 
  • Unaccompanied minors.
  • For Special dietary requirements, inform the airline at least 24 hours before the flight’s departure. 
  • Expectant mothers.
  • Qatar Airways special assistance for the elderly. 
  • Qatar Airways service escort.
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