How do I Book Flight Tickets for Pregnant Ladies?

Women who are pregnant are generally advised to take rest for the health of the baby. But if a pregnant woman wishes to travel abroad then by getting confirmation from the treating doctor, she can be on board and explore the places. And if you are pregnant and intend to fly then this article will let you know how to book the flight tickets and other details.

Learn How to Book a Flight for Expectant Mothers

When the expecting mother wishes to travel, airlines might have some restrictions. Hence, the would me mothers first should be aware of points to be remembered when traveling up in the air.

Here are the booking steps to know how to book flights for pregnant ladies.

  • Maximum airlines allow expectant mothers to travel till the end of the 36 weeks provided there should be no complications in the pregnancy.
  • Also along with all the necessary documents, it is mandatory to Fit a certificate which should be no more than 7 days old.
  • Some flights also have restrictions of duration to avoid any risk. Hence, for some flights which are under 4 hours, travel is not permitted for multiple or complicated pregnancies.
  • The would-be mothers are also advised to take the seat which is close to the aisle for easy access to washrooms.

It is also advised to choose travel insurance to ensure safety while traveling. Also, keep in mind that book a flight for a pregnant lady is a regular process provided the passenger has to provide a treating doctor consent certificate.

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