Icelandair Brussels Airport office in Brussels Beligium

If you are traveling from Brussels Airport for the first time and are worried about the check-in and other processes, then it is best to research the airport before your trip. If you are wondering about the Icelandair customer service phone number at Brussels Airport, then you connect with the support team by following the below-mentioned information so continue reading the information below-

How can you contact Icelandair's customer service phone number at Brussels Airport?

Airport name- Brussels Airport
Airport IATA code- BRU
Airport Phone Number- +32 2 753 77 53
Airport Address- Brussels International Airport, Leopoldlaan, 1930 Zaventem, Belgium
Lost Luggage contact information - 
Airport Official website- 
Airport Social media links-  Facebook-, Twitter- 

What are the Icelandair contact details in Belgium?

Icelandair's phone number- (00) 1-800-223-5500 
Icelandair's Airline working hours- Monday–Sunday 7:00 AM–8:00 PM EST (Eastern Icelandair's Standard Time) 
Icelandair's Email form- 
Icelandair's official website-
Icelandair's check-in portal- 
Icelandair's reservation- 

How can you connect with the Icelandair Baggage department in Belgium?

Icelandair Phone number- passengers can connect with the Icelandair Brussels Airport office in Brussels for baggage-related issues by dialing Baggage Services Phone Number, which is 900 111 500/+44-203-514-1052.
Icelandair Baggage compensation form- if the airline or the airport has damaged or lost your luggage, you can demand compensation from the airline by filling out the form at 
For baggage inquiries, visit

What terminal is used by Icelandair at Brussels International Airport Belgium?

The airline uses a unique Terminal divided into two areas: Pier A and Pier B at Brussels Airport.

What is the fleet size of Icelandair?

The total fleet size of Icelandair is 30, and for more information, you can reach out to the Icelandair phone number Brussels Airport customer support. The following plane models are included in the airline fleet. 
Boeing 737
Boeing 737-300
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 757
Boeing 757-200
Boeing 757-300
Boeing 767
Boeing 767-300
Boeing 747
Boeing 747-100
Douglas DC-8
Douglas DC-8-50
Douglas DC-8-60
Douglas DC-8-70

What services does the Icelandair office in Belgium provide to its customers?

Passengers can connect with the customer support of the Icelandair Brussels Airport office in Belgium and get assistance with various situations. Some of the conditions are given below-

  • You can connect with the support team to check the flight status.
  • For flight reservation and cancellation process.
  • For modification to your itinerary.
  • For excess luggage or checked luggage check-in process.
  • To get the group booking quote.
  • For group booking.
  • For arranging a wheelchair or any other assistive device.

What essential factors should you keep in mind while visiting Brussels Airport in Belgium?

  • E-boarding passes you will get after the check-in process is completed online and through the mobile application will be accepted at airport security checking.
  • International passengers are advised to reach the airport at least one hour early from their departure time; for domestic passengers, the suggested timings are 60 minutes prior.
  • Passengers who need special assistance should inform the airport authorities by calling 2 hours early so they can prepare accordingly.
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