How Much Does Avianca Charge to Cancel a Flight?

When passengers cancel their flight tickets due to unavoidable circumstances, they must bear the hefty load of cancellation charges. But to make it a bit light for them, the airlines have modified their cancellation and refund policy. However, if still nothing works out well for them in that case, they are required to pay $600 as last-minute cancellation charges. The passengers are always allowed to call Avianca customer service phone number to know more about the charges before proceeding with the cancellation or initiating the process of cancellation with Avianca. The policy related to the cancellation of flight tickets with Avianca is mentioned here for you as follows. 

Avianca Cancelation Policy

  • According to the 24 hours policy of the airlines, the passengers are allowed to cancel without paying any cancellation charges if the cancellation is made within the initial 24 hours of booking. However, this applies to the flight ticket whose reservation is made at least seven days before the scheduled departure. 
  • If the flight gets canceled after 24 hours, in that case, the passengers are required to pay the charges for canceling their flight ticket. 
  • If the flight ticket is canceled due to a medical emergency or the death of a close relative, then the passengers will be liable to get a complete refund of their flight ticket. However, they must provide the necessary documents supporting their reason for cancellation. 
  • If there are three hours delay in the scheduled departure and the passengers opt for the cancellation of their flight ticket, they will also be liable to get the total ticket amount as a refund.

Process of canceling with Avianca Airlines

  • The first and foremost step is to get onto the official website of Aviance airlines and look for the “Manage Booking’ option on the homepage. 
  • Then you can enter the PNR number as well as the last name of the passengers to proceed further. 
  • You’ll get redirected to the available flight page, where you have to select the flight on which you have made the reservation of your flight ticket. 
  • After getting onto your flight details, you must select the cancellation option. 
  • Follow the on-screen process to mention the reason for the cancellation and the prompt to make the payment of cancellation charges, if applicable. 
  • Once the cancelation process is complete, receive the confirmation mail on your registered email. 

The passengers can also request the cancellation of their flight ticket by calling the Avianca phone number and initiating the refund process. If the flight ticket reservation is made through the travel agent, in that case, the passengers should ask the travel agent to proceed with the flight ticket cancellation.

How much does Avianca charge to cancel a flight?

If the passengers proceed with the cancellation of their flight ticket and don’t come under the cancellation policy in that case, they are required to pay the cancellation charges up to $600 or have to forfeit the actual value of their flight ticket, whichever is lower. 


For more details, it is always best to visit the official Avianca website or get onto the contact page to connect with the customer service representative. If you still face any issue or have any query feel free to call the Avianca customer representative or comment your concern below. I believe the above information will definitely help you to get the solution.

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