How Long Does It Take for British Airways to Respond to a Complaint?

British Airways will always take care of their passengers by providing the best services to them. So, when they face any issues while taking these services, they can also file a complaint to British Airways by different modes that the British customer service can design. In addition, the ways of complaining to the airlines are by complaint form, calling on British Airways Phone Number, mailing, and live chatting. So, here are the methods and procedures that will help you eliminate all issues in 28 to 30 days after requesting the complaint to them.

Filing a Complaint at British Airways By Complaint Form

So, for complaining via complaint form, a passenger must pursue the following steps mentioned below. In addition, here, you will know how to file a complaint.

  • Launch the browser of British Airways on your search engine
  • Then, look for the complaint form under the contact us section
  • Pawl on the link of filing a complaint form at British Airways
  • After that, you must enter all the necessary details of your name, contact number, or other information
  • Submit it to the British Airways customer service 
  • After that, the airline will contact you by finding the British Airways complaint number in 28 to 30 business days.

Complaint by live chat with British Airways

The live chat method at British Airways can help the passenger get all the solutions. For this, you must go to the contact page and look for the live chat option and open it and start it by sending help, and they will send some options. You must click on the column filing a complaint against the British Airways customer service person. And by clicking, you must share your experience with it and send your query with that, and they will resolve your query by calling you.

By phone call, file a complaint at British Airways

So, by calling, you can easily file a complaint to British Airways. Therefore, a passenger must go with your device's British airline's web page. And, search for the following methods,

  • Find the contact mode with British Airways. 
  • Then, click the phone button to file a complaint against the airlines' services.
  • Copy the British Airways customer service phone number 1 (800) 247-9297 and paste it onto the dial pad 
  • Then, by calling, you will easily file a complaint with the airline due to this call will be redirected to the airline spokesperson.
  • On the line, you will find the representative of British Airways, so, by talking, share your experience with them and file your complaint.

Complaint by giving feedback 

Airlines offer another option: sending a complaint to British Airways. In addition, by giving feedback, you can also file a complaint. In addition, you will quickly get a solution in 28 to 30 days.

Hence, the above-given methods assist you in resolving all issues that you are interacting with the British Airways customer service. So, by quick ways, you will receive all the comfort services from British Airways. Thus, if you still face issues, call the live person of British person and obtain a prompt solution from them.

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