How Long Does Air India Take to Refund?

A Complete Guide About Air India Refund

While you book a flight with Air India, if your plan changes for some reason, you have an option to cancel the flight ticket and get a refund instead. You must cancel the ticket first and share the refund request application with the airline to get a refund. Once the request is shared, processing your refund generally takes 7-20 business days. 

However, one should be aware of Air India refund policy if looking forward to getting a refund from the airline. So here is the highlight of the refund policy for your reference; check this out for smooth functioning.

Let's check out the highlights of the refund policy of Air India. 

Air India allows a full refund if you cancel the ticket within a day or 24 hours of booking; additionally, the departure day should be seven days away. The policy is applicable for all ticket types, regardless of their ticket condition. You might need to pay the cancellation fee if you cancel the booking after 24 hours. The cancellation fee depends on your ticket type, cancellation time, etc. 

For refundable tickets- if you cancel the booking after 24 hours, you get a refund after deducting the cancellation charge from the ticket value.

For non-refundable tickets- if you cancel the ticket after the risk-free period, you don't get any refund.

You get a refund based on your fare condition, cancellation time, and route. Besides, the refund you receive is in the same mode you used for the booking. For third-party bookings, the refund amount is credited to the travel agent's account after the booking is canceled. You need to contact the travel agent directly to get your refund.So going by the above refund policy, you must be clear now about how a refund is processed in air India. Now let's proceed further and check out the details of the refund procedure below.

How to get a refund from Air India?

Once you cancel the ticket, you can get a refund by sharing the refund request form online. You can also call the Air India customer service phone number and ask the agent to process your request. Check out the detailed steps below for a better understanding. 

Simple steps to get a refund online 

  • First and foremost, launch the official website of Air India 
  • Go to the manage booking section on the homepage to retrieve the booking 
  • Now furnish the details; last name, confirmation number, or ticket number to access booking details
  • Select the booking you want to get a refund for and click on the change/cancel reservation button 
  • Now proceed with the cancellation and complete the process
  • You can now apply for a refund once the cancellation is complete 
  • Open the refund form and provide all the required details 
  • Submit the form for the airline to review and verify
  • Once the verification is done, your refund will be processed on your original payment mode in 7-20 business days. 

Get a Refund by Calling the Air India Representative. 

Not everyone is comfortable online; If you are one of those, you can speak to air India customer service directly to request a refund. You can call the Air India support number and talk to the agent by following IVR. Once connected, you can ask the agent if you want to get a refund for the canceled flight. The agent will verify everything and process the refund in your original payment mode soon.

Hopefully, by reading the information above, you are now clear about Air India refund terms and confirmation, refund time, and the process in detail. Moreover, if you still need further information or have doubts, call the Air India phone number and speak to the Air India representative. You can also explore the refund page of the airline online to get additional information and valuable links. 

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