How Long Do Vueling Take to Refund?

When can I Get a Refund from Vueling?

Vueling Airlines believes in making the travel experience seamless for travelers when they book a ticket. Vueling Airlines understands the disruptions you might face; that is why it helps you with friendly refund policies.

Generally, seven is the maximum number of days Vueling take to refund the amount. In this article, you can find an easy and understandable guide to help you understand the refund guidelines put forth by Vueling to benefit the passengers.

Important Guidelines Related to Refund at Vueling

To help you process the refund effortlessly, Vueling has introduced some standardized guidelines. Some of the important things to inspect while claiming a refund at Vueling are given below:

The General Refund Policy of Vueling Airlines

  • When you cancel your Vueling reservation because of any genuine and unavoidable reasons, the airline entitles you to a refund, provided that you submit essential documents proving your situation.
  • You are allowed to cancel your reservation for free and claim a full refund if you complete the formalities within 24 hours of the initial booking.
  • If you booked a reservation before April, the airline gives you travel credits as refunds.
  • Also, if you have booked the Basic Fare and are the owner of FlexPack of Vueling Airlines, you are eligible to claim a full refund.
  • Furthermore, you can get a full refund without paying any cancellation charges when you are booked with Vueling’s Optima, Family, or TimeFlex Fares.
  • If you are not satisfied with the refund money, you can claim a travel credit.

These are some guidelines related to the Vueling refund eligibility if you cancel your Vueling flight due to any general reasons. However, if you cancel the flight due to COVID and its prohibitions, you need to keep reading to get the next section!

COVID Related Refund Policy

  • The time to receive a refund from Vueling Airlines depends on when you complete the refund formalities.
  • You can cancel your reservation due to COVID anytime you feel like the restrictions disrupt your itinerary without paying any cancelation charges.
  • When a passenger cancels his/her Vueling reservation due to COVID-19 restrictions, the airline provides a full refund to that passenger.
  • If you are affected by the virus and then cancel your ticket, the airline demands an accurate COVID test report verifying your health conditions. If you succeed in proving your health condition, Vueling Airlines credits a full refund.
  • Before the airline credits the recalculated money, they verify the document presented by the passenger.
  • You can only request a refund on Vueling if you submit the refund request form by clicking on the Send Us A Message on Vueling’s official website.

If you are wondering how long do Vueling take to refund, then the answer is seven days, dial Vueling phone number but it depends on when you are making the cancellation. To get a refund on time, you must act quickly and within the set time limit of Vueling Airlines. Also, do not hesitate when you face any difficulty in claiming a refund as the Vueling customer service has got your back efficiently!

How Long Does Vueling Take to Refund UK?

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline that travels to around 155 destinations. It is a four-star certified airline for its good quality ground and onboard facilities. Have you canceled your flight, or has the trip been canceled because of some technical glitch or other issues, and are you waiting for a refund from Vueling airlines? Usually Vueling airlines refund the amount within 7-10 working days. You can go through the given policies and processes to help you with the process.

Vueling Airline Refund Policy

To better understand the refund, you must be aware of the Vueling UK refund policies. To understand these, go through the following: 

  • The refund must take seven to ten working days to get reflected in your bank account. 
  • The refund will be back into the payment source account only if you have a refundable ticket. 
  • Cancel your booking within 24 hours of purchasing if you seek a full refund. 
  • If the airline cancels your ticket, you will be entitled to a complete refund.   
  • You will have to fill in the refund form to get the refund. 

Vueling Airline Refund Process

To get a refund, you can follow the given procedure: 

  • Browse the official website of Vueling Airlines 
  • Click on the “Your Booking” option. 
  • Enter the booking code and the Purchaser’s email address to retrieve the booking. 
  • Click on the refund option and fill in the refund form. 
  • Provide all the required details such as bank details, trip details, etc. 
  • Click on “Confirm” and get the refund process completed. 
  • You will receive a ticket number in your email and SMS for future reference. 

For any further assistance related to refund, you can visit the official website or Dial the Vueling UK customer service phone number 0034931518158 for immediate assistance of your query.

How do I Get a Cash Refund from Vueling?

You can get a cash refund from Vueling through online mode, where you can get access to the digital platform from your preferred location. The airline provides a refund request form by which you can claim a refund from the airline authority. You can follow the below-mentioned airline refund procedure but go through the below-discussed policy. 

Vueling flight refund policy

  • If you have claimed a refund after 24 hours of booking cancellation, the airline authority will provide your paid amount back after deducting cancellation fees.
  • If you have claimed a refund within 24 hours of booking cancellation, then the airline authority will provide you a refund without deducting the cancellation charge. 
  • In the worst-case scenario, if your flight got delayed or canceled due to weather conditions or technical issues, then the airline will revert you the refund without deducting any charges in the form of cancellation fees.

Unfortunately, if your family member died due to some medical condition, then, in that case, the airline authority will provide you with a refund without deduction of cancellation fees. 

Vueling flight refund procedure 

The procedure includes steps that are explained in a basic manner so that one can apply them without expert guidance.

  • Visit the official site of Vueling Airlines.
  • Then sign up with your account.
  • Move to the managed booking section.
  • Enter your details (booking reference number, last name.)
  • A list of flights will be displayed, select your flight and click on the cancel button. (Following the cancellation, you will get a refund request form option. Fill out the form and submit it to the airline authority.)
  • At last, the airline will drop confirmation mail to your registered email address.

Normally, You will get your cash refund in 7 working days. If you have any confusion, you can clarify through the Vueling phone number  011 34 931 51 81 58 available 24 hours and provide a suitable solution to your question.

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