How Long Do EasyJet Refunds Take?

EasyJet allows the passenger to cancel their flights, but a refund is possible only after charging cancellation fees in certain conditions. If these conditions aren't fulfilled, you will receive a refund of any other kind. Be careful about the time, date, and name while booking your EasyJet flight. If you are having trouble while canceling your flights, contact EasyJet customer service refund. Below all the terms and conditions are shared for the passenger's convenience.

How long does EasyJet refunds take?

Have you requested a refund from EasyJet Airlines? Usually, EasyJet processes the refund requests within 7 days and your refund will be paid once you apply for it. The amount might take a few more days to be shown in your bank account, depending on your bank.

Refund Policy of the EasyJet Airlines

Both fares and fees of EasyJet airlines are non-refundable. Be cautious if you have to cancel or miss your flight, you can't expect a refund but a voucher. However, there is some relaxation; check out below:

  • Cancellation within 24 hours after booking your flight, you can be entitled to a full refund after deducting the cancellation charge.  
  • You can't receive any refund if the flight is canceled just 2 hours before the scheduled departure. It doesn't matter that you have to cancel your flight within the 24-hour.
  • If the reason for the cancellation is medical, the airline will ask you to submit a medical declaration document. Once they review your situation and find it reasonable, then you will be offered a refund or flight voucher meant to be used in the next six months.  
  • You can contact customer services if the purpose for cancellation is family reasons. If airlines find it valid, you will be offered a refund, fee waiver, or voucher. Don't forget to give proof to the airline.
  • Their policy regarding government tax and flight cancellation refunds doesn't affect other flights on your booking. You are permitted to demand government tax when unable to take a flight.

How would you get your money back?

Now, you have understood the EasyJet Refund Policy. You must be wondering how you would receive your money back. Typically, refunds are transferred in their original currency used to buy the ticket. Read the instruction carefully:

  • EasyJet paid the amount to the original booker using the same payment mode or EasyJet account if passengers have one. Don't bother when your original payment method is inactive; the alternative payment method is in the passenger's name.
  • If the flight was booked via an agent, passengers must consult with them, and EasyJet is not responsible if they charge any extra fee per their policy.


If some doubts are left, you can always reach the EasyJet customer service number free. You can call 44 (0) 330 5515151 and choose the suitable query option offered via IVR instructions to reach the experienced live customer agent. They will guide you according to your flight. If you are uncomfortable connecting with EasyJet through their contact number, you can use other modes, such as social media and email. Visit their website to get more information.

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