How Do I Talk to Delta Customer Service?

An Easy Guide to Delta Airlines Customer Service

Do you want to make a Delta Airlines reservation or need to inquire about the existing booking? Do not worry. With Delta Airlines' 24/7 customer service hours, you can contact a Delta representative anytime to ask about any query.

Delta Airlines provides several ways to reach out to its representative. However, for instant help, you can call the airline directly to talk to Delta customer service. Although the calling procedure is very simple, you can follow the mentioned steps below if you have no idea.

Follow the Procedure Below to Contact the Delta Agent Over the Phone Call

To connect with Delta over the call, go to the support page of the airline online. From there, you can locate the section; Still need to contact us? Choose the option you need help with and get the relevant phone number.

  • Dial the Delta Airlines customer care number 1 (800) 221-1212 / 44 (203) 514-1052 on mobile
  • You need to choose your language for IVR and then follow the instructions 
  • You get many options on call; select the most appropriate one 
  • You need to press 3 in the first menu and proceed
  • Then to speak to the live agent, say talk to a Delta representative
  • You have to wait on call for 5-10 minutes, and soon you can speak to the Delta agent

You can follow the procedure above to connect to Delta using Delta Airlines customer service phone number anytime. However, there are also times when the call volume is high, and it's frustrating to wait in a long queue. Well, in that case, you can opt for a callback option to get a response back from delta airlines. Delta Airlines also provides several other contact options to reach out to its representative; you can get to know about these in the content below.

What are the Other Ways to Contact Delta Airlines?

Here are all the customer support options which Delta Airlines provide; you can access these from the support page of the airline anytime.

Email Support

To share your complaint, concern, request, etc., you can use the email support options of the airline. You can compose an email, and using the official email address of delta airlines, available on the support page; you can share the email with the airline. It is quite a lengthy procedure that can take 24 to 48 hours to get a response from the airline.

Social Media

Delta Airlines is also available on Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can follow the airline on these networks and send direct messages anytime. Besides that, you can also post your comment on the timeline for the airline to check. The general response time via social media is around 2 hours.

Feedback form

The airline also provides feedback forms to its customers, which you can use to share any complaints, compliments, etc., with the airline. You can locate the feedback form on the support page and open it. Fill in all the required details and share them with the airline. The delta agent will review it and respond after verifying the details.

By reading the information above, you must be clear about how do I talk to Delta customer service? However, if you are a Delta Airlines SkyMiles member, you can also log in to your account and get personalized help and support.

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