How Do I Speak to Someone at Hawaiian Airlines?

Grab Quick Details About Hawaiian Airlines Cstomer Service

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the US's major and tenth-largest commercial airlines. The airline is constantly in touch with its customers through its huge customer support department. Whether you have reservation-related issues or are stuck with a canceled flight, Hawaiian airlines always support you in all possible manner. 

You can speak to the Hawaiian Airlines team 24/7 via its various modes of communication. Moreover, you can call Hawaiian Airlines' phone number 1 800 367 5320 directly to access immediate support. It's a straightforward method; you can check the details in the content below. 

Follow the procedure below to speak to the Hawaiian Airlines agent

  • Dial the customer care number of Hawaiian Airlines 1 800 367 5320 
  • You can press the button for English and then follow the IVR commands below
  • Press one or say Flight status to get arrival and departure information 
  • Press two or say reservation for new and existing reservation-related issues 
  • Press three or web support for the website or mobile app-related support 
  • Press four or HawaiinMiles for HawaiinMiles-related query
  • Press five or say other for other issues 
  • From the above menu, you can either choose the most appropriate options else press 5
  • Keep selecting the most suitable options, and you will get a live agent option. 
  • Select that, wait on call, and soon you can speak to the Live agent. 

You can connect with the Hawaiian Airlines representative anytime using the customer service phone number. Moreover, let's check out the other contact options to get to Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Airlines Alternative customer support options

Live chat

  • You can use the live chat option to connect with the airline if a phone call doesn't work.
  • It's another quickest way to get through to the airline. 
  • To communicate via chat, go to the support page of the airline and click on the tab live chat. 
  • It is available 24/7; a message box appears in front of you
  • Type the query, else type Live agent, follow the instruction, and you will be able to soon connect with the live agent 


  • The airline also provides a text option if you wish to share a note or question with Hawaiian Airlines. 
  • You can get the number used for the text from the support page under the section text. 
  • You can also click on the link under text, follow screen instructions and share your text message easily. 


  • Email support is used to share any feedback, complaint, experience, etc. To share email, go to the email section on the support page of the airline.
  • Click on the link 'Send us an email. 
  • Choose your topic on a new page and follow the instructions to get the associated email form.
  • Fill in the form, click on the submit button to share, and get a reply from the airline. 


You can also write to Hawaiian Airlines if you need to share any complaint copy, letter, stamp, etc. You can get the address under the 'Write' section on the support page.


Therefore by going through the information above, hopefully, you learned how to speak to someone at Hawaiian Airlines. If you still need any help with additional information, you can log in to your account and get personalized service.

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