How can I Get in Touch with Norwegian Airlines?

How Do I Get In Touch with Norwegian Airlines?

Many problems are faced by travelers whenever they make a flight reservation, or sometimes many other queries come to travelers' minds related to the services given by airlines. The only way to resolve such kinds of questions is by contacting the customer service team of airlines to get immediate assistance. If you are traveling by Norwegian Air Shuttle, you can get in touch with the customer service team and talk to a live representative to resolve a problem. You can dial the Norwegian Air Shuttle customer service number or use the other options to communicate regarding your problems during or after reservations.

Queries Can be Resolved via Norwegian Air Shuttle Customer Service Live Person 

Whenever someone gets in touch with the customer service team at Norwegian Air Shuttle, they proffer the required assistance according to a passenger's problems during or after traveling. The live person team is capable of resolving all sorts of queries and after dialing Norwegian Airlines customer service phone number, you can get help to determine the below most common questions:

  • Flight ticket booking or reservations issues.

  • Changing or canceling regarding queries.

  • Manage booking regarding problems.

  • Online check-in or boarding pass issues.

  • Group reservations regarding queries.

  • Seat upgrade or change-related queries.

  • Flight change or date changing queries.

How to Contact Norwegian Air Shuttle Customer Service?

If you would like to contact the customer service team for resolving Norwegian Air Shuttle related queries, then you can go through the below options:

Contact Norwegian Air Shuttle via Online Chat

You can get the live chat option provided by Norwegian Airlines to its passengers. One can easily resolve the queries by getting help from a live representative during the online chat. You can follow the below instructions to use the online chat option:

  • Go to the official Norwegian Airlines website from a browser.

  • From the bottom side, you can click on the Help and Contact section.

  • Select the Chat option.

  • Enter the required details and then queries for that you need help.

  • You can click on the option Start Chat and get in touch with an available representative.

Contact Norwegian Air Shuttle via Phone

By dialing the Norwegian Air Shuttle customer service phone number from your phone, you can directly get in touch with the customer service team and obtain the best-in-class assistance related to your different queries during or after making a flight reservation. To talk to someone, you are required to follow the below IVR menu:

  • Dial Norwegian Airlines phone number 1-800-778-4838 and choose your language.

  • Say Reservations in the first attempt.

  • Say Refund or feedback in the next attempt.

  • Say Speak to a live representative at last.

Contact Norwegian Air Shuttle via Social Media

You can follow Norwegian Air Shuttle on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where customer service is also available to assist. You can send a message after describing the queries related to the Norwegian Air Shuttle, and the customer service team will very immediately get back to you with the relevant assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Norwegian airlines refund?

Yes, if your ticket is refundable, you will undoubtedly get the refund of the investment you made in the ticket. However, you must ensure that you have filled out the refund form within twenty-four hours of the booking.

How long do Norwegian Airlines refunds take?

You can go through the refund policy of Norwegian Airlines mentioned below. Then you’ll be able to make your ticket refundable without any delay. 

  • Apply for the refund, you’ll receive the refund directly in the account from which you made the payment within seven working days.
  • If your mode of payment was a credit card, then you’ll be able to get the refund within seven working days. However, if you made the payment through cash, you will receive the refund within twenty-working days. 
  • To make your ticket refundable, you must ensure that the cancellation was made within seven working days from the date of departure. It will help if you als made it confident that you canceled within twenty-four hours of the booking being made. Then you’ll get the refund.


Is Norwegian a good airline?

There is no doubt that Norwegian Airlines is undoubtedly one of the best airlines you can come across. They have ensured you get the right offers to save your hard-earned money. At the same time, you also get the best safety measure. All the aircraft of Norwegian Airlines are entirely sanitized, and at the same time, all the customers are also supposed to follow the basic guidelines of WHO regarding Covid-19.

How do I call Norwegian airlines?

To make a call to Norwegian Airlines, you must ensure you have walked through the proper steps to connect with them. You only need to phone up their official number. That is +47 2149 00 15. 

  • Phone up on the official number of Norwegian Airlines. 
  • Now make the selection of the appropriate options in the IVR menu. 
  • Your phone call is going to be connected to a live person. 
  • You only need to explain your query to the executive. 

That is it. Soon, you’ll get the solution regarding the issue. Now you’ll be ready to get help from Norwegian Airlines without delay. 

Has Norwegian Air stopped flying to the USA?

Norwegian Air stopped its service to the USA. However, in the Spring of 2022, it started its service again. You only need to ensure that you have walked through the proper steps to make the booking with them.

What happened to Norwegian Airlines?

Norwegian Airlines were closed on some routes. However, it has been reopened in many ways. It means the service of Norwegian Airlines is going on in full flow.

Is Norwegian Airlines still operating?

Yes, it is still operating. Its services were stopped at some destinations. However, it is working in full flow. You only need to ensure that you have connected with the help of the proper steps. For that, you can choose to communicate through their official website. 

Does Norwegian Air refund tickets?

Yes, they do refund the ticket. You only need to make sure that you have followed the right policy. Once you have adhered to the Norwegian airlines refund policies, you’ll be able to make your ticket refundable. 

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