How Do I Communicate with Iberia?

When booking your flight ticket with Iberia Airlines, if you see that your booking is not confirmed, your payment is deducted. You can encounter this typical case. The measures you can take after this issue is to get in touch with Iberia, where the experts will guide you and ensure that your ticket is booked ideally. Now, you think of connecting with Iberia Airlines. Make your way to talk to the experts by any available mode of communication. Several methods are available that you can opt for to correct your issue. Apart from this, You can Take Assistance from the Iberia Customer Service for any of your issues. Such as:

Services Provided by Iberia Customer Service are as follows: 

  • Reservation
  • Cancelation
  • Refund
  • Check-in
  • Baggage
  • Seat Selection
  • Flight change
  • Date change, and many other

Various Ways to Make Contact with Iberia Customer Service

After encountering the issue, it would be better to connect with the customer service of Iberia. To do so, you need to search for the available ways of communication. The first is to dial the Iberia customer service phone number 1 (800) 772-4642, where the customer representatives will talk to you and elaborate on your issues. Apart from this, you can connect through other modes also. Here is the in-depth information. Check them out.

Phone Option

A phone call connects directly to the customer representative. Here, place a call and talk to the Iberia Airlines experts about your issues. They will recommend a better solution.

  • Please take out your phone to open the dial pad on it.
  • After opening the dial pad, press the keys to place a call to Iberia customer service number 1 (800) 772-4642.
  • You will hear the IVR options to make your way clear.
  • One option will make your way to the customer representative.
  • Press that particular number and hold your call for 1-2 seconds.
  • After this, the customer representative will connect with you.
  • Now, discuss your issues with them and get a perfect solution.

Email Option

Email provides a direct way of communication where you have to drop an email incorporating the issues you are facing. In return, you will get the most acceptable solution.

  • Firstly, go to your email account with which you can send the email.
  • Move to the “Compose” option to write about your issues.
  • After writing, tap the “Send” button, which will automatically send your issue to the customer service of Iberia.
  • Wait for some time and get a response ideally.

Help Desk Option

A help desk option is the quickest way to get the solution by searching about your issue on the website of Iberia, and from there, you will get your answer.

  • Launch the website of Iberia Airlines.
  • There is an option of “Help desk” at the top of the home page.
  • Hit the option, after which you will land on another page.
  • There you will see a box of “How can we help?”
  • In that box, write your issues and click the search button next to it.
  • Now, check for the solutions.

Final Words

Iberia Airlines offer simple ways to connect with customer service where you can access your device and get the solution instantly. So, dial the Iberia phone number and connect with the customer service in no time. They are available all the time 24 hours to help you.

People Also Ask About Iberia

How do I Contact Iberia by Email?

To connect with the representative of Iberia Airlines through their official email to solve any query or issue. In that case, the passengers have to follow the given steps to connect with the customer service agent of the airline to resolve any query or issue. The process to connect with an agent of  Iberia are as follows.

  • Get onto the official website of the airlines and from the top right corner of the homepage, choose the option of 'helpdesk.'
  • After getting onto the helpdesk page of the airlines, scroll down and locate the 'contact us' option.
  • Click on the 'contact us' option, and you'll get redirected to the contact page, where you can find the official email address of the airlines.
  • Write1 about your query in detail, and send it to the official email of Iberia
  • Once your query is submitted, the airline's customer service agent will get in touch with you or quill revert back to you through email with the suggestion.


Does Iberia Refund Cancelled Flights?

Yes, the passengers who have booked their flight ticket with Iberia are liable to get a refund of their flight ticket if the cancellation was made as per the rules prescribed by the airlines.

How do I Get a Refund from Iberia?

The simple process is required to be followed by the passengers to get a refund from Iberia airlines. The process to initiate the refund from the airlines are as follows.

  • Get onto the official website of Iberia airlines and select the option of 'Your flight' from the top tab.
  • Select 'Manage My Booking' on the drop-down menu, after which you'll be redirected to the 'Manage booking' page.
  • Fill out the details like the PNR number and the last name of the passengers and proceed further.
  • After getting onto the flight page, select your flight and proceed with the cancellation.
  • If you have already canceled your flight ticket with the airlines, select the refund form option to initiate the refund process.
  • After getting on refund form, fill the form with all the necessary details and proceed further to mention the reason for your cancellation/refund.
  • Once all the details are complete, submit the form, and you'll receive the confirmation in your email.


Is Iberia Owned by America?

Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España shortly known as Iberia is a flag carrier of Spain. The airline used to provide mainly domestic flights before, but now it has both international and domestic flights for the customers.

Who is Iberia Affiliated with?

Iberia Airlines has been a member of Oneworld Alliance since 1999 and is the leading carrier between Europe and Latin America; its Madrid hub serves around 135 destinations in 43 territories in Europe, Asia, Middle America, and more.

What Airline Owns Iberia?

The International Airlines Group owns Iberia, and this group was formed in 2011 as a result of the merger between British Airlines and Iberia. Now both the airlines are wholly owned subsidiaries of International Airlines Group.

How Long Does Iberia Take to Refund?

The airlines will take 7 to 10 business dates to initiate the refund to the passengers for their canceled flight tickets. If the booking were made with cash, it would take up to 20 business days for the refund to get initiated.

How Much is Flight Cancellation?

The flight cancellation charges with Iberia will be from $100-$500, depending on the cancellation time and the fare type. The cancellation charges would be high if the cancellation were made 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Can I Cancel a Flight Online?

Yes, the passengers can cancel their flight tickets online through the official website of Iberia. The steps to make the cancellation online are as follows.

  • Get onto the airline's official website, and click the 'Manage Booking' option.
  • Mention the booking reference code and the passenger's last name and proceed further.
  • After getting on your flight, choose the cancellation option, and follow the instructions to fill out all the details and complete the cancellation process.
  • Once your flight gets canceled, you'll receive the confirmation in your given email.


Is Iberia a Good Airline?

Iberia is a four-star airline providing its customers with the best onboard and inflight services. The airline's products on which the rating gets decided include seats, amenities, food, beverages, etc. The service rating depends up to the cabin and ground staff.

How can I Change My Flight Date for Free?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to make any changes to their flight tickets for free. If they have a premium membership with the airlines or the changes were made within 24 hours of their booking.

Does Iberia Have a 24-Hour Cancellation Policy?

Yes, Iberia has a 24-hour cancellation policy to provide its customers with leverage. As per the 24 hours cancellation policy of Iberia Airlines, the passengers are allowed to make the cancellation of their flight ticket with the airlines in the initial 24 hours of the booking for free.

How do I Call Iberia in Spain?

The passengers traveling with Iberia airlines from Spain can get on a call with the representative of the airline over the call by dialing (+34) 900 111 500 to solve any related query or issue.

Who is the CEO of Iberia Airlines?

In September 2020, Javier Sánchez-Prieto was appointed as the new CEO of Iberia airlines. He had served many years of loyalty to the airlines before getting appointed as CEO.

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