How Do I Find My Vueling Ticket Number?

Vueling provides its passengers with the Vueling ticket number when the passenger completes the process of getting a ticket from them. This ticket number is required during your check-in. You must know your ticket number to board your Vueling flight. Passengers must keep their Vueling ticket number once they book their flight. If you have lost your Vueling ticket number, you don't have to worry, as you can quickly access it again. But the question is: how do I find my Vueling ticket number if I have lost it? You can find your Vueling ticket number below.

Passengers can check their Vueling ticket number in the following ways:

Check confirmation Email: When making a ticket booking with Vueling, Vueling sends the passengers a confirmation email. This confirmation email has all the details related to your booked flight with Vueling, such as flight departure and arrival time, destination details, etc. this email will also have the flight ticket number at the top of the Vueling ticket. You can quickly check your confirmation email and learn about the Vueling ticket number.

Contact customer service: You can contact customer service if you fail to find your Vueling Ticket number in your confirmation email sent by Vueling. You can talk to the customer representative of Vueling to find your Vueling ticket number in a below manner:

  • Visit the website of Vueling,
  • Click on Vueling customer service.
  • The customer service section will link you to the particular service center.
  • Here you must click on All our phone numbers.
  • A list of Vueling phone numbers will appear on your screen with the country's name specified with the timings of Vueling customer service availability.
  • You can call the Vueling phone number available for worldwide passengers +34931220294.
  • Listen intently to the Vueling IVR phone system. 
  • Press1 for Language selection with Vueling.
  • Once you have selected your preferred language, you can proceed further.
  • Press 2 for Bookings and reservations.
  • Press 3 for Refund details.
  • Press 7 to talk to the Vueling representative about your ticket number.
  • When the customer executive of Vueling comes in contact with you via telephone, you can get to know your Vueling ticket number once you provide the customer executive of Vueling with the rest of the details related to your flight booking, such as your name, destination, date of flight booking.

You can get in touch with Vueling either on the Vueling mobile app or via their website. To get to know about your Vueling ticket number, keep your confirmation mail safe with you as it contains all the details related to your flight, and it can be beneficial to you to avoid last-minute panics. After confirming your flight, you can also check the text message Vueling sends you. It contains the link to your flight ticket and your ticket number. If you have lost the email and the conformal message by Vueling, you can always contact the Vueling customer service phone number to get the details of the Vueling flight ticket number.

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