How Do I Complain to Ryanair?

Ryanair is an ultra-low-cost Irish airline that provides the best and the most reliable services to passengers traveling on domestic and international flights. The airlines also offer 24*7 available customer care services if you have any complaints, comments, or suggestions or need any help to initiate the process of refund, cancellation, or change. The airline's customer service agent provides the best services to its agent and gives them the best possible support and solution for their complaint. If you wish to get your complaint registered, there are many ways.

Methods to Get in touch with an Agent at Ryanair for Complain

Phone Call- The executive is just one call away from you to provide its passenger with assistance and help. You need to dial the airline's Ryanair customer service phone number +44 127-935-8438 and get your complaint registered. Once connected on the call, follow the IVR-generated process to choose the preferred language for communication and the nature of your query. You may have to wait for a while, after which the customer care executive will get in touch with you and get your query resolved.

Live Chat- If they keep you waiting on the Ryanair complaints number, you always have an option to get in touch with the executive through live chat. All you are required to do is follow the steps given below:

  • Get onto the official website of Ryanair and scroll down to get onto the 'Help Center' option.
  • After getting onto the 'Help Center' page, scroll down to locate the chat option given on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Click on the icon and follow all the instructions in the auto-generated process.
  • Once the auto-generated process is completed, the customer care executive will contact you to solve any of your queries and register your complaint.
  • You can get all the reliable assistance over chat, and once your conversation ends, the airlines will also ask you for feedback to improve their performance.

Contact Form- If you find the airline number busy whenever you try to get in touch with the agent, and you wish to get in touch with the airline. There is an option on the contact form to get in touch with the customer service agent at your given time. After visiting the 'Help center' page of the airlines, all you are required to do is locate and fill out the 'contact form' mentioning your query name PNR and other required details. And the date and time on which you want the customer service executive to call you and solve the issue you are facing.

Social Media- As we rely on social media a bit more nowadays, getting connected with the airlines through social media is also a big way. You are required to visit the official social media accounts of the airlines and leave comments, complaints, or compliments. You can drop them in the comment or in the DM of the airlines. The customer service agent always keeps a tab on the social media accounts, and they will get in touch with you on a priority basis as soon as your query is registered with them.

Follow the above-given process and read out the information thoroughly to get in touch with the customer service agent and register your complaint with Ryanair. You can get the Ryanair phone number on the official website's 'help Center' page to get in touch with the agent and resolve your query on a priority basis by selecting the most appropriate way for yourself from the all mentioned above.

How do I make a complaint to Ryanair?

Be wise to make a complaint to Ryanair

Ryanair offers a comfortable flight journey to your required destination at an affordable rate. It helps you manage your booking at a specific time and ensure you can check the baggage, seat selection, and reservation, modify your booking, and connect with a live person easily. If you want to complain about the worst flight booking service or cannot find a comfortable seat, you can raise the complaint using email to a live person from Ryanair who can quickly assist you at your required time. 

How do I make a complaint to Ryanair?

If you want advice for getting a refund after the flight cancellation and want complete guidance, you must connect with a live person and fill out the complaint via valuable resources or dial +44 1279-35-8438 to get support smoothly. The Civil Aviation Authority is bringing enforcement proceedings against Ryanair under part 8 of the Enterprise Act 2002 to raise a complaint for compensation. You can visit the website and choose a direct form for criticism, or you can use email, live chat, and phone calls to complete the task of complaint and get a solution instantly at any time.  

Following are the ways to make a complaint to Ryanair:

  • First, open an internet browser and visit the booking website and click on the log-in button to access.
  • Go to the contact us section, choose the complaint section, and select the phone number to raise a complaint.
  • Directly fill out a complaint form to make a complaint and get ready to share your queries to get a solution smoothly.
  • Use email service, check with the complaint section, and enter the concern you can send via email.
  • You can dial 0330 1007 838 to complain about the booking and securely get support at a specific time.  

For additional help and information regarding Ryanair complaints, connect with a live person who can assist you at your required time.

Where do I complain to Ryanair?

If the passengers face any issue during their flight with Ryanair, in that case, they don’t have to regret their flight experience as the airline will make sure that the passengers get compensation for the issue they have faced with the airline. The passengers can claim compensation for the inconvenience caused to them at the Ryanair complaint phone number and connect with the airline's executive. 

Methods to connect with the Ryanair

The passenger can get in touch with the airline customer service; the methods that are needed to be followed are as follows. 

Connect via Phone call- This is the most basic way to connect with the customer service agent of the airline. The passengers must access the airline's official website to find the customer service number. 

  • Dial the customer service number +44 127-935-8438, and once you get connected, you must follow the IVR instructions. 
  • Follow the instructions to identify the nature of your query and choose the preferred way of communication.
  • Once the auto-generated process is complete, you may have to wait for a while, after which the airline's agent will contact you. 

Connect via Live Chat 

The passengers can also connect with the airlines through live chat. All they needed to do was jump onto the airline's contact page. After getting onto the ‘Contact’ page, look for the chat icon mentioned at the bottom right corner of the page. Follow the instructions in the chat box, after which the airline’s executive will connect with you over chat. 

Connect via Email

The airlines also provide email services to passengers if they wish to register their queries with the airline. All you need to do is draft an email mentioning your query and send it to the official email address

Final Words

Read the information given here to know where do I complain to Ryanair? And you can also get onto the official social media handles of the airline.

How long does it take Ryanair to respond to a complaint?

When will you get a response to a complaint on Ryanair?

Ryanair airlines provide a facility to passengers from across the globe to provide feedback or a complaint to the airlines so they can polish their services more to deliver better than before. Suppose you have made a complaint to Ryanair against its services or any policy, and you want to get aware of how long does it take Ryanair to respond to a complaint. Below is a discussion that will assist you in all the possible ways, have a look:

Ryanair responding to a complaint:

Rarely do passengers complain about the services of the airlines, but if ever a complaint is made by any passenger, Ryanair goes through the complaint and gets back to the passengers with resolutions to make a passenger satisfied with the airlines’ assistance. Please consider the mentioned points:

  • If you have filled out a Complaint form online, it may take ten days for the customer executive of the airline to go through your complaint request. 
  • The response may get more delayed due to the large volume of pending other requests with them. 

And in case you have made a complaint online. You are finding that a response may get delayed by the airlines, you can also adopt another measure to reach out to the airlines and get a resolution, and the step mentioned below that will assist you in all the possible ways:

Complaint Via Call

If you have utilized any of the services that are provided to you by the airlines, the easiest and the fastest way to complain is to reach out to the Ryanair complaint phone number +44 1279-35-8395, and you will be asked to select IVR options, and that must be based on your desired services. 

Now, you must know when Ryanair will respond to your complaint, and if they get delayed, what other way you can adopt to reach out to the airlines.

How do I complain to Ryanair Ireland?

Acquire knowledge to complain about Ryanair

While visiting your desired destination with airlines, you can file a complaint if you are not getting the service you have to pay for or if you face issues like lost luggage, flight delay, etc. Most airlines respect their passenger's complaints and take appropriate action to resolve them. Ryanair is one of those airlines which gives you the facility of several things, and if you do not like anything, then you can complain to them. To know further information about it then, you can read below. 

The modes to send complaints to Ryanair are below mentioned.

Connect on call: You can directly connect with the representative for Ryanair complaints and tell them about your issues, and they will register it.  If you want to complain to Ryanair Ireland then dial the phone number +44 1279358438 and select the language option you are comfortable with. After this, the representative will connect; you have to give them your complete information and then tell them about your complaint. 

Through the website: If you cannot connect with the representative on call due to a voice break or network glitch, then you can also use the online form to send your complaint and to do this, you can follow the below-mentioned process. 

  • Visit the website of Ryanair in your browser. 
  • Then click the contact us page. 
  • Next, select the send to complain option and then fill out the booking details like the fate of your flight and time of departure.
  • After this, mention your complete name, contact number, and registered email id and submit your details. 
  • After this, you must fill out the complaint in the available space and send it.
  • The representative will connect with you and provide all the possible solutions to resolve your complaint. 

By reading the above, you will know about the Ryanair complaints phone number, and still, if you get any issues, then you can also send your complaint to the support email id of Ryanair and get the solutions in 24 hours. 

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