How Do I Complain to Air France?

As Air France is one of the 4-star certified airlines for its best airport services and introduced travel. This airline is spread over 300 plus domestic destinations, and for international destinations, it covers approximately 118 different nations around the globe. Moreover, the services and features that a passenger will get on board at Air France are likely comfortable seating which is known as reclining seats, food and beverages, soft drinks and alcohol for the first and business class passengers on-demand, and entertainment facilities like music, movies, and TV shows, etc.

But, in case you seek any trouble with Air France on board or lounge service you avail for your travel. Then in such a scenario, the easiest way to get help will be to register a complaint to the Air France customer service team. For complaining, you must use the Air France phone number, email address, and other contact options like the complaint form at Air France, and these services you will get over the official website.

Popular Ways to Complain to Air France

Register Complain at Air France by Email

The email service is a prolonged process that may take some time to resolve your issue and revert. But, instead of skipping email service, you should drop an email wherein you must describe your query. To use this service, you must compose mail via Gmail or Outlook. After that, enter complete information such as contact information, issue description, and your ticket details, and then use the Air France customer service email address section and send the mail.

Contact via Phone Number

To contact the Air France customer service team, you will have to use the Air France complaint number 1 (800) 237-2747, which will support you in such a way that you will connect with a live representative to register your complaint.

  • First, Go to the official website of Air France.
  • Then you scroll down the page and hit over contact us an option.
  • Therein the contact page, you will look for the contact number for the complaint.
  • Once you find the number, dial it from your phone and follow the instructions;
  • Press 1 to make a new reservation.
  • Press 2 for baggage status or know about check-in baggage details.
  • Press 3 in case you want to cancel your reservation or wish to modify your itinerary
  • Finally, press 7 if you want to talk to the representative directly about the issue, and they will register your complaint.

Use the Complaint Form of Air France

The complaint form is one of the most acceptable ways to raise a complaint at the Air France customer service team. Further to the complaint form page, you will get over the official website of Air France, and once you visit the site page, there select the contact page, and therein you can tap over the complaint form and fill out the complete information as prompted on the form and submit.

Thus, suppose if you still have trouble complaining to Air France via complaint form, you can use the Air France customer service number to contact a representative. From their direct help, you will get assistance for your questions right away in no time.

How do I Complain to Air France UK?

Various methods of filing a Complaint to Air France UK

You are facing difficulties because of the worst services of your Air France customer service person. For this reason, you are going to complain the Air France UK. However, due to a lack of knowledge about the Complain to Air France UK. For this, you are finding the methods of complaining to customer service. So, here in this article, you will learn about the various techniques for complaining about Air France UK. For that, you need to track down the steps that are cited below. 

Complaint form: If you are going to file a complaint and don’t know how you will do it, here are the steps for filing the complaint through the complaint form. For that, you have to pursue the steps that are:

  • Open the Air France web browser 
  • Tap on the “contact us” tab under the “Help & Contacts” page
  • Then, on the “contact us” page, you will see the various ways
  • Click on the complaint form, and the state will open.
  • Enter all the requisite information and write your problem
  • File a complaint. And enter your contact information 
  • Submit the form to Air France UK.

Further, the airline person will contact you and solve your problem. And, apologize to you for their worst services.

Phone call: You can also file a complaint through a phone call. You need to open the Air France web page on your search engine. 

  • Find the customer service page,
  • Look for the phone call option 
  • Take Air France UK complaint number and paste it on your dial pad
  • Call 0203 540 8063 and wait until the call connects with the live person.
  • After joining, share your problem and file a complaint
  • The airline person will apologize to you and try all possibilities to resolve your issues. 

Feedback form: Also you can resolve your problem or file a complaint through the feedback form. For that, you have to write your problem in the feedback form. Thus, you have to go to the “feedback” option under the customer service page, and there, you need to open it. And write the difficulty that you have faced. And complain about it. And, if you have any proof, add it there. After that, send it to the airline personnel. Further, the airline person will contact you as soon as possible and request an apology to them for their services. 


Hence, you can quickly file your complaint by pursuing the methods of complaining about Air France. And, if you face a further issue, contact Air France UK phone number 1800 419 2033. Thus, by this, you can rapidly solve all kinds of problems.

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