How do I Check My Flight Booking?

If you booked your flight ticket a few months ago and the boarding date is in the coming days, you must check the booking details once to ensure that you have added all the services you need on your flight ticket and learn about your itinerary. If you are thinking, How do I Check my Flight Booking? Then there are various ways to check your itinerary online and offline. 

Different Ways To Check Your Flight Booking

Below you will learn about the different ways to check your flight bookings at an airline. Passengers can search their itinerary detail with the help of a booking confirmation number, registered phone number, or payment transaction id. Different ways to check your flight bookings are:

Manage Booking

You can view your booking on the airline's website with which you purchased your flight ticket. This is the online way to check flight booking from the Manage Booking option. So, open the official site of the airline and follow the below steps:

  • Sign in with your Email on the airline's website,
  • Go to the Manage Booking option on the page,
  • Bookings that have been made with your email id will appear on your screen,
  • Select the flight ticket you need and tap on "View Itinerary" to see the booking details.

Confirmation Email

You can check out the confirmation email you received when purchasing the flight ticket from the airline. The Email contains all the booking details like flight number, confirmation code, date of the flight, passenger's name, etc. Adhering to the steps, check your flight booking with a confirmation email:

  • Go to your Email on your device,
  • Search with the airline's name in the inbox,
  • Look for the Email regarding your booking,
  • There you will get your flight booking details.

Customer Support

One can reach out to the customer support team of the airline to learn about their flight booking details. If you struggle to get your flight booking by online mediums, you will need to contact the airline's customer support and ask to send the flight bookings again to your number or Email. Follow the steps to reach out to the representative for flight booking:

  • Locate the contact number from the airline's official website on their Help & Contacts page,
  • Dial the customer care number of the airline on your phone,
  • Pay attention to the instructions of the IVR,
  • Press the assigned key to speak with a representative,
  • Ask them to check your booking details on their airlines and let them know the detail they require,
  • within a few moments, they will tell you the details of your flight,
  • Provide your email address or phone number to the representative,
  • Next, you will get the Email or text of your flight bookings. 

Hence, if you are worried about how I check my flight booking, these ways mentioned above will get you the details of your bookings on the airline. Then you can check if you need to modify the flight ticket, add additional services or if you are required to change the date according to your suitability. These ways are accessible anytime after the flight ticket reservation has been made.

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