How Do I Change My Flight Date on ANA?

Want to Change Your Flight Date on ANA?

Being human means making mistakes and accidentally booking tickets for the wrong date. Everyone who travels on a flight will make this mistake at least once in their lifetime. Other times something else could be the reason. But whatever is the reason, you need to know “How to change my flight date on ANA?” the site is easy to navigate.

The Process To Change ANA Flight Date

  • Making changes to your reservation is a tedious job; when you have no experience doing it, going to the site for the first time, and navigating through the pages can get confusing and frustrating. If you are not someone who regularly stays in touch with the internet or does not have the time to sit and relax while browsing through all the options. Read this,
  • You can start the process by opening the ANA webpage on your browser.
  • ANA webpage has three horizontal lines at the top right of this blue and white webpage.
  • Open this icon; you will come across my booking option. Open this link.
  • In this option, you will see the “Reservation Details” select this to open the reservation details page.
  • Open ANA “ View Reservation” tab
  • Your details will be displayed on the screen song; you will see the “Change Reservation” button. Answer to your “How to change my flight date on ANA?”
  • Select it, and now the window to make changes will open up; select the sector you wish to change.
  • Enter the desired date and itinerary; this will filter the list of available flights based on your choice from the future flights.

Now what comes next is to see if you are eligible for this feature; only those passengers are eligible who,

  • Have booked the flight through the ANA website
  • Change is for a simple ANA round-trip, not a multiple stop trip
  • The passenger did not make any changes to the ticket through a telephonic call to ANA
  • The ticket features a changeable fare through the ANA official webpage

The next big question, how much do you need to pay?

ANA Flight Change Fee

ANA follows these policies regarding ANA flight change fees when someone wants to make specific changes.

  • The new flight that you select must not depart in less than 6 hours of your selection.
  • Your original flight must not depart in less than 24 hours of your flight change application submission.
  • The fee you need to pay for the flight change will depend on the fare of the new flight.
  • If the fare of the new flight is more than the original one, you need to make the compensation by paying the extra amount.
  • If the new one is less than the previous one, you are eligible for a refund.
  • You can only use a credit card and PayPal for making the new transaction.
  • If you used cash at the time of original payment, the refund amount is sent to your bank account. You need to pay additional bank transfer fees.
  • ANA sky coins will be sent back to your Mileage account

This covers the topic of the ANA flight change fee; as you can see, there is no specific amount to be paid.

For any other queries, please get in touch with customer care. They are easily available. The customer care team includes skilled professionals, and your experience will be pleasant and wonderful.

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