How do I Change my Booking with TUI?

TUI is a UK-based travel and tourism company that offers holiday packages and provides good deals to customers. If you have made a reservation with them, you can make changes to it before you avail your reservation. To make changes to your reservation, you must learn how do I change my booking with TUI, and you will get that information here. Their team is forever ready to assist with booking changes that will benefit you.

What are the Policies of TUI for Changing Bookings?

You can read their policies for booking change in the below points:

  • To change your bookings within 24 hours, they will not apply any charges only if more than a week is left for your trip. This period is known as the grace period window.
  • The cancellation fee is applied after this grace period, and every customer must pay it to get the rest of the money back.
  • Only one change is permitted per reservation. No further modification is allowed in the other section if you change one area.
  • TUI reservations are non-transferable. You cannot transfer your ticket to another person in any case. While making a name change, you can only correct the spelling and cannot entirely change the name.

How to Make a Booking Change in TUI?

Booking change is the only option left with us when we change our plans. You can refer to the following methods to change your TUI booking.
Online method:
You can go to their website to change your booking online. Please take the following steps to change your booking:

  • Navigate through the website of TUI,
  • Go to the Manage my booking option. With  TUI manage my booking, you can work your booking details.
  • Log in with your reservation number and name to access the reservation details.
  • Go to the section you want to change and click on the Modify button.
  • Make the changes.
  • Click on the Confirm button.
  • Pay for the changes if applicable on your reservation.
  • With the confirmation, you will get your new ticket via email.

Offline mode

Lease consider the following steps for the offline mode to change your bookings:

  • Search for the website of TUI on your browser.
  • Click on the Contact us option.
  • Visit the call section to get the phone number.
  • Call them at +44 20 3451 2688.
  • Soon the IVR process will begin.
  • These instructions are essential to follow so that you can contact their agent.
  • Please enter the keys and number as they instruct you to con
  • Speak politely to them as you talk to them.
  • Request them to change your booking and provide your reservation details.
  • Pay them the service and booking change charges if applicable on your reservation.
  • You will get the digital ticket via email when the process is complete.


A set of policies will decide whether you can change your booking. If your reservation is eligible, you can change it without any trouble. You can manage my booking TUI method or can contact customer service without any doubt. Customer support will give you every possible help to modify your booking.

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