How Do I Call Lufthansa from Europe?

Lufthansa airline lets its passengers contact them from Europe with the help of different communication channels. Passengers can access Lufthansa's phone number Europe which is available to reach Lufthansa from Europe. Lufthansa also provides other modes of communication with them from Europe.

Various modes of communication present on Lufthansa to connect with passengers are as follows:

Via phone number: Passengers can call Lufthansa Airlines from Europe when they dial their helpline number on the website. The Europe helpline number is on the Lufthansa website, which will make you contact the Lufthansa representative. Please take the following steps to connect with Lufthansa Airlines from Europe:

  • Navigate through the website of Lufthansa,
  • Go to the Customer Service section.
  • Then click on the Help and Contact option present beneath the Customer service section.
  • To call now, go to the option Call our representatives.
  • To call Lufthansa from Europe, dial the Lufthansa helpline number 
  • You will get connected to the Lufthansa IVR phone system. The Lufthansa IVR system will guide you through specific steps to connect to the Lufthansa representative on the call.
  • Press 1 for the language. You further need to press 1 or 2 to choose your preferred language.
  • Press 2 for Booking and Reservations.
  • Press 3 for a Refund.
  • Press 4 for Lost & Found inquiry.
  • Press 9 to talk to the Lufthansa representative from Europe.
  • You must press nine according to the IVR instructions and talk to Lufthansa, a European representative.            

Via Chat: Chat is also a channel to connect with Lufthansa from Europe. You can take the following steps to connect with Lufthansa from Europe.

  • Visit the website of Lufthansa.
  • Go to the Help and Contact option present under the Customer Service section.
  • A chat box will appear on the screen with Lufthansa's virtual assistant written on it.
  • You can type your query and talk to the Lufthansa virtual assistant from Europe.

Via Email: You can also contact Lufthansa Airlines from Europe via email. Email is still the most trusted way to contact Lufthansa by most people around the world. You can email Lufthansa from Europe when you take the following steps.

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the Help and Contact option.
  • Click on the Email Us option.
  • Now you can email Lufthansa Airlines from Europe.

Via social media: Passengers can contact Lufthansa from Europe through social media. You can navigate through the website of Lufthansa to contact them via social media from Europe. When you visit Lufthansa airlines and click on Help and Contacts, you will see the links to the social media pages of Lufthansa airlines on different platforms. You can choose any social media platform to contact them as long as you have a social media account on that social media platform. Now you can send a direct message to Lufthansa from Europe and talk to the Lufthansa representative.

Lufthansa airlines provide every medium of communication to its passengers. If the passenger wants to contact Lufthansa from Europe, they can use any medium of contact in the article, as mentioned earlier, and get a response from Lufthansa. Lufthansa airlines have a toll-free Lufthansa customer service phone number available for its customers every second of the day.

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