How Do I Call LATAM from Australia?

Learn the way to reach LATAM from Australia

LATAM provides different services to people across the globe, for example, an Easy booking and canceling policy, extra-luggage policy, lounge facilities, food and drinks, offers and discounts on tickets to frequent fliers, senior citizen policy, and whatnot. And if you want to travel with LATAM and are looking forward to making a call to LATAM from Australia but have no idea how to reach out to them to learn about the different services.:

Ways to connect with LATAM:

Connect to LATAM via Call

LATAM provides a variety of opportunities to passengers to avail of different services, for example, easy booking and canceling the policy, parking facilities, and multiple other services that a passenger expects from any airline. The easiest method to connect to LATAM from Australia is to call on the LATAM Australia customer service phone number, 1800 126 038; once you dial a number; you will listen to specific IVR options that you are required to choose based on your required service:

  • Press 1 and select your language.
  • Press 2 to book your ticket.
  • Pres 3 to cancel your reservation
  • Press 4 for other options.
  • In case you are not reached LATAM from Australia via phone call, the facility the passengers LATAM has provided a vast opportunity to connect with LATAM with different methods, which are the following:

Connect Via EMAIL

LATAM is motivated to provide passengers with a wide range of opportunities to talk to a customer executive of LATAM. One of the best methods to get connected with them is via email. Where you can raise your query, and you will be provided with the quickest resolution. Please follow the mentioned steps to reach out to the customer executive of LATAM from Australia:

  • You are required to visit the official website of LATAM Airlines.
  • Once you visit there, you are advised to tap on the "Help Center" section, which is mentioned on the website's homepage.
  • Then you are suggested to go below the page and locate "Contact us," where you can "create a case." (usually, they respond in a significantly less period, but it is suggested to reach out to LATAM from Australia via call.).
  • After that, you must enter your Email address there and continue.

Connect Via social media

People are highly active on these Social Media platforms, and considering this fact, LATAM Airlines has provided this opportunity to connect with airlines from Australia via social media platforms. Below are the different Social media channels:

  • Facebook- 
  • Twitter- 
  • Instagram-

Connect Via the Form

To have you a satisfactory response, LATAM airlines has also provided a chance or passengers to connect with them from Australia by filling out the form, which is available on the official website of LATAM; please look at the mentioned points

  • Visit the official website of LATAM airlines.
  • You will see a "Help Center" option at the top once you are on the official website Homepage.
  • Then go below, and you will find an option to create your case; you can either make a complaint or request.

These are the multiple ways by which you can connect to LATAM from Australia. But the fastest way to reach out to them is to call LATAM Australia's phone number.

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