How Can I Complain to United?

Grab All the Ways on United Airlines Complaint Procedure

Do you have any compliments or concerns towards United Airlines services or facilities and want such queries listed to this airline customer service team to get help from their experts? Then, you must fill out the Complain to United Airlines form, as it is one of the most acceptable ways to approach the team for your issues. On the other hand, there are many more variables on which you can switch quite comfortably, and you will get assistance if you contact the customer service team via phone or other modes as given here for your help.

This page's step-by-step guide will help you get all the information about United Airlines' customer service. You can also dial the official helpline number of United Airlines (1-800-864-8331) to get immediate assistance with your query. You will get connected with United Airlines customer service, and you can complain about an issue to United Airlines.

Various Methods to Make a Complain to United Airlines

Through United Airlines complaint form: The fastest service you can easily complain to United Airlines will be appreciated if you raise it via the format that is counted finest services to rely on and to know its procedure you must use the following section.

  • To complain about United Airlines, visit the airline's website:
  • Now, select the help center option. 
  • Next, go to the contact us page and select the compliment and complaint link.
  • Ahead of this, you get a complaint icon; tap over it, and the form will open up.
  • Fill out the form with the necessary contact details and another complaint query describing it within 1000 characters.
  • Further, hit the submit button, and your request will be forwarded to the United Airlines team.

Via United Airlines contact number: Another best way to get help from United airline for any complaint is via phone call because United Airlines' customer service phone number (1-800-864-8331) is the only adequate number through which you can discuss every issue with a live person at customer service.

  • To make a phone call to United Airlines, then dial the number via your phone 
  • Now, listen to the IVR command to select the appropriate language 
  • Next, these other IVR instructions will be recited by the automated voicemail instructor
  • Follow the commands accordingly, and then press the 9th IVR option  
  • After which, your call will transfer to a live executive who will assist you once they pick up your call
  • In the end, you can share your questions with them per your preference and get guidance.

Via social media platforms: If you want to access social media platforms, you should go through the following points and select a suitable option for help.

  • Go to the United website 
  • Then visit the help center section 
  • Within here, scroll down the page and select anyone suitable social networking option
  • Follow the page, and therein you can write your message (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram)
  • Once you follow the page, you will get hassle-free assistance to write away from assistants.

Send an email complaint to the United team: Last option you can switch for help would be mailing because in the case United Airlines complaint number is not able to work due to poor networks or phone call hold is more than 10-15 minutes, then you even get the option to send mail. For this, you have to use the official mail address that you are going to have from the help center. Note, if you mail, you have to wait for 24 to 48 hours till your mail gets verified, and as soon as it's done, you get help from the customer service team.


By reading the information above, you must be clear about United Airlines' contact options. If you still have questions or need additional information, write your issue in the comment box. We believe this article helps you to get the best solution.

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