Aegean Malaga Airport office in Malaga Spain

Aegean Malaga Airport welcomes several flights every day. Malaga is one of the largest airports in Spain. If you are flying to Malaga Airport or your flight is taking off from this airport. You should know more about the airport. You can contact the Aegean Malaga Airport office in Malaga, Spain, to learn about their various services. You can also be with this blog to get the required information about the airport.

How do I contact Malaga Airport?

The airport provides various forms of communication options to passengers. The passengers can use one of them to connect themself with the airport. The call is one of many available options. You can call the Aegean Malaga Airport office at +34 913 21 10 00 and talk with the airport representative. 

What are the transportation services at the airport?

The airport offers different transportation services to drop you at your location from the airport. The various options for transportation are below:

Car rental

You can easily rent a car from the airport. You can book the car from the official page of the airport. Ten rental car companies are offering their service at Malaga Airport. To book a vehicle, choose the car company, fill in the pickup and drop location and date and book your car. Once you have booked your vehicle, you must visit the parking area reserved for car rental companies, level 0 and level 1, at parking two. Your vehicle is waiting here for you. 


 Passengers can use the city's bus service to reach the airport. The bus route is from Malaga city to Malaga airport. You will get a new bus every 25 to 30 minutes. The estimated time that the bus takes is around 15 minutes. It will cost nearly €4 for the trip.


Passengers can use the train facility. It connects you directly to the airport. The train drops you at the terminal 3 gates via the transport interchange of the airport. 

  • One way- it will cost you €1.80 to €3.80 according to the distance you cover.
  • Round trip- A round trip costs between €3.60 to €7.20, depending on the length.

The round trip is valid for two hours from when you purchased the ticket. You cannot change or cancel the return ticket.


You can use a taxi service also available all the time at the airport gate. A cab may sound more expensive than a train or bus, but it will operate according to your choice. 

  • Tariff 1- between 6:00 to 22:00 and will cost you €0.88 per km.
  • Tariff 2 between 22:00 to 6:00 will cost you €1.07 per km.

Is there luggage storage at Malaga Airport?

Luggage storage is a service that airports offer their passengers where you can leave your bags by paying a nominal fee to the storage office of the airport. If your flight is delayed and you reach the airport early. You can use the left luggage service provided by Malaga airport. You can contact the Aegean Malaga Airport office customer service phone number +34 653 444 747 and learn more about their service. You can enjoy this service at terminal 3, level 0, Arrival hall from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Final words

You can visit the official page of the airport to enlighten yourself about other services provided by the airport. 

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