How Early Should I Get to Gatwick Airport?

If you are a frequent flyer, you know why it is crucial to arrive at the airport to avoid long check-in and security queues. The other reason is that if you don’t want to delay your flights or want to reach your destination at the expected time, then consider going to the airport at the right time. Referring to the detail shared with you in this post, how early should I get to Gatwick Airport? Though it is one of the busiest airports, you will hardly notice delays at Gatwick Airport due to a passenger surge or a staff shortage.

When to Reach the Gatwick Airport?

How much time do you have to arrive at Gatwick before the flight? Generally, consider coming to the airport minimum of 2 hours before your scheduled departure time to enjoy your flight and a smooth journey. Still, you can follow this:

  • Flights-Long haul: consider check-in three hours before the scheduled take-off time.
  • Flights- European flights: consider check-in three hours before the scheduled departure time.
  • Flights-UK and Ireland flights: consider check-in two hours before the scheduled flight time.

Online check-in 

Airlines offering Online Check-in services mean you can conveniently check in from two to 24 hours before departure time. Besides, you can pick your seat plus print your boarding pass, or the electronic version is equally accepted.

Once you enter the flight, you should drop your bags at the bag drop facility at the airport. If traveling with hand luggage, head straight to security.

After check-in, it is always suggested that you go to security and head to the departure lounge, where there are enough restaurants and shops to browse. Also, you can relax before leaving your expected destination.  

Make sure to keep track of boarding times and gate numbers on screen before one-hour flight departure time, as no calls are made at Gatwick airport.

Where to reach to the Gatwick Airport?

How to reach the right destination? Follow these steps:

  • Check-in areas are adequately signed.
  • Instead of searching your check-in desk, read flight information while entering the terminals.
  • Head towards security for check-in; you can happily move to the departure lounge.

No matter what happens, you struggle to deal with anything. You can request customer service at Gatwick Airport.

Customer service phone number

In emergencies or doubts, you are supposed to contact the Gatwick Airport customer service phone number. Follow the simple process to reach our customer executives.

  • You have to dial the number, i.e., 0330 333 9268.
  • Then Choose the language in which you are comfortable.
  • Select the queries that you ask via IVR voices.
  • Wait for a few minutes; if you are not connected instantly, you will be directed to the customer representative in a few minutes.
  • There, you can solve your concerns related to Gatwick Airport.


In case of any doubt about the terminal where you have to go, you are advised to contact your airline directly. If a flight is expected to departure within 24 hours, you can refer to the Gatwick Airport website.

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